Sodium-content mixtures and other free-flowing materials are controlled with accuracy almost to the granule.
Precision and continuous dispensing occur for materials ranging from superfine to coarse. These include materials such as:
flour flour flour
sea salt
flour salt
coarse salt

operationDesigned for trouble-free usage and easy clean-up, the machine is built around a knurled shaft, which rotates at the base of the hopper. The shaft picks up precise amounts of material for deposition on conveyor-fed products.

Dispensing action is smooth, gentle and precise. Deflector plates at the feed base prevent air currents from distorting the uniform pattern of material distribution. Each depositor system is a ready-to-run assembly.

Dispensing is controlled in several ways:
by the configuration and depth of grooves in the dispensing shaft;
by controlling the rotation speed of the shaft;
by varying the speed of the product conveyor.

For optimum flow conditions, coarser salt can be dispensed with a smooth shaft if the dispenser is tilted (up to 15º), allowing the roller to pick up the granules closer to the top section of the shaft, while maintaining uniform distribution. Residual salt can be removed using compressed air in a blow-out hole. Two hand nuts allow removal of the trough plate for emptying residual salt (no tools necessary).

assembliesThe C-FRAME mount on casters allows easy movability. BRACKETS, RAILS and PIVOTS can be furnished for attachment to horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Dispensing shaft speed is indicated to fractions of RPMs. Once set, speed is accurate hour after hour, shift after shift. A 50:1 ratio between the drive motor speed digital read-out and the dispensing shaft RPM enhances precise control. The shaft RPM can be increased for higher flow rates with uniform distribution (depending on granules being used).
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