Dry materials under humid or oily conditions or moist, self-adhering ingredients tend to agglomerate rather than flow freely These include materials such as:
flour streusel cheese   Also coconut, raisins, etc.;
plus moisture-bearing industrial powders
and resins.
wet onions
shredded cheese

linkageRemarkably trouble-free, the dispenser consists of two counter-opposed stainless mesh grates or grid dies, driven in opposite directions by a single motor and gearbox. They are oriented in a deep "V", with the base riding on a horizontal food-grade bearing.

As material drops into the "V", it is sheared and/or dispensed by the reciprocating action, assuring constant feed and preventing hang-up of material in the hopper. Each depositor system is a ready-to-run assembly.

The machines are versatile enough to be used for dispensing alone or for separating-and-depositing simultaneously. The variable speed control, range of sizes and types of mesh grids allow nearly an unlimited choice of material particle sizes and deposit rates.

The steep walls of the hopper and the vibratory action of the reciprocating grids, agitating throughout the incline of the hopper, reduce or eliminate hang-ups. Internal, adjustable reduction plates can be adjusted to reduce deposit width. Pattern controls can be provided to place the topping in those required areas across the product zone.

standard and flat gridRemovable, standard grids have 45° angled mesh for cutting action. The angle of the grid accentuates the separating action. The flat grid has less shear. Optional grids of varying mesh densities and configurations can be furnished on order. Vertical pattern control plates can prevent outside overspray.

Hoppers can be loaded automatically or manually. Capacities are varied to meet your needs or space requirements. When an exceptionally wide deposit area is called for, two--or more--dispensing machines can be staggered for coverage

assembliesThe C-FRAME mount on casters allows easy movability. BRACKETS, RAILS and PIVOTS can be furnished for attachment to horizontal or vertical surfaces.
Mounting Options