If moisture is present in a material, clumping and clinging develops to clog the storage hopper. Consequently, uneven coating occurs. Christy's patented Flex-TopĀ® moist material dispenser surmounts this difficulty, allowing the user automatic, precise control of coatings such as:

Considerably trouble-free, this dispenser involves a single rotating agitator bar with beater rods revolving within a U-shaped hopper with a choice of bottom holes for dispensing. The design prevents moist materials inserted for dispensing from clumping and clinging to the sides of the feed hopper.

Each depositor system is a ready-to-run assembly.

flextopThe variable speed control, range of hopper sizes and types of hopper bottoms provide a wide range of application particle sizes and deposit rates. The steep walls of the hopper and the rotating action of the agitator bar reduce or eliminate material hanging up in the dispenser.

A selection of flexible hopper bottoms, with varying aperture patterns, allows a variety of material particles to be dispensed. In addition, adjustment plates can be inserted to control the pattern of dispensing.

flextop Hoppers can be loaded automatically or manually. Varied capacities are available to meet your needs. Aperture patterns for the flexible hopper bottoms can be machined to fit your dispensing needs.

Consult with a Christy Machine representative for optimum hopper specifications for your application.

agitatorAgitator bars can be modified by varying the number and positioning of beater rods. This assembly is easily removable for cleaning or maintenance.

mountingsThe dispenser can be mounted above a conveyor belt (either on feet or on upper rails), and thus is readily accessible for adjustment, cleaning and necessary maintenance. The standard unit measures six inches wide by six inches high from the end view. Special sizes are available on request.

A C-FRAME mount on casters allows easy movability. BRACKETS, rails and PIVOTS can be furnished for attachment to horizontal or vertical surfaces.
Agitator Bars
Mounting Options