Drying agents to prevent tack, anti-static agents, dry pigments, colorants or other types of powders or granular materials. Range of agents including materials such as:

An air blower creates a suspended bed of dry coating material within an enclosed chamber, through which the extrusion passes. Natural tack on the hot extrudate causes it to pick up a film of coating, equally on all surfaces, as it moves through the chamber. Excess coating material is removed by nylon brushes as the extrusion exits the chamber. Material which does not adhere to the extrusion is captured and recycled.

Each coater system is a ready-to-run assembly.

adjustmentCoating thickness can be controlled in two ways:
by adjusting the feed rate to the coating chamber at the feed hopper;
by controlling the dwell time of the extruded material in the coating chamber.

Precision flow adjustment. Material flow from the feed hopper to the coating chamber can be adjusted by the exclusive Christy metering shaft, driven by an infinitely-variable-speed motor to rotate at the base of the hopper. Metering shafts of various surface designs and patterns are available and depend on the particle size of the coating material being used. Materials ranging from fine talc to more coarse granular material can be fed smoothly. Metering shafts are interchangeable. Impeller-driven air picks up the coating material and delivers it to the coating chamber.

hopper Hoppers are available in a range of sizes and capacities (in mild steel or stainless steel) and are equipped with vibrators to prevent material from hanging up or bridging. Consult with a Christy Machine representative for optimum hopper specifications for your application.

assembliesThe sturdy A-FRAME mounted on casters allows easy movability from extruder to extruder. When so mounted, a simple pulley mechanism permits the vertical adjustment of the coating chamber to achieve line-up with the extruder die. Or, BRACKETS for direct mounting to the extruder can be furnished.

conveyorOptional conveyor support for those extrusions which are not self-supporting, or for products which are cut into segments prior to entering the coating chamber, is provided by Christy: a mesh conveyor to support the product and transmit it through the coating chamber.

The drive speed of the conveyor is variable to provide for adjustment to the extruder flow rate. The mesh construction of the conveyor belt permits access of coating materials to the extruded product.
Mounting Options
Conveyor Support