A range of dry materials can be handled, from ultrafine grains (such as flour or talc) to coarse materials (such as pellets, seeds or resins). Precise flow rates can be controlled with simple adjustments and will continue automatically at a constant rate. These include materials such as:
flour sesame nuts pellets  
Dry Dispensing Machines also are known as Coat-O-Matic, Siv-O-Topper, Siv-O-Topseeder, and Siv-O-Seasoner.
sesame seeds
5 grain blend

Designed for trouble-free usage, the dispenser is based on a dispensing shaft rotating at the base of a deep "V" hopper; RDS rotation. The shaft rotates against nylon brushes and polyurethane wipers, which act as wipers to remove excess material as it drops into the "V".

Movable interior walls of the hopper agitate to assure continuous flow and reduce bridging or hang-up of material held in the hopper. Each depositor system is a ready-to-run assembly.

Precise control of the thickeness of the film or coating dispensed is made possible by varying the type of shaft, the speed of the shaft and by regulating the pressure between the nylon brushes and/or polyurethane wipers and the shaft.

The variable speed control, range of hopper sizes and types of dispensing shafts allow nearly unlimited choice of material particle sizes. The steep walls of the hopper and the vibratory action of the movable walls agitating throughout the incline of the hopper reduce or eliminate hang-ups.

According to the coarseness of the material to be dispensed, there are several standard types of shafts:
shaftheadsGrooved - for nugget size or irregular shaped media
Knurled - for powdery media
Spot-drilled - for coarse, seed size media

Christy specialists can assist you in the selection of appropriate shafts for your specific needs. Hoppers can be loaded automatically or manually. Capacities are varied to meet your needs or space requirements. When an exceptionally wide deposit area--over 72 inches--must be covered, two (or more) dispensing machines can be staggered for coverage. Special sizes available upon request.

mountingsThe C-FRAME mount on casters allows easy movability

Angle STAINLESS STEEL FRAMES can be installed to span a conveyor,
or TRACKS will permit a dispenser to slide above the conveyor.

On a vertical POST, the machine can pivot into position.

BRACKETS allow mounting on a horizontal or vertical surface.

...OR What is your requirement?
Mounting Options