If moisture or oil are present in normally dry, even-flowing materials such as flour, sesame seeds, talc, resins, granular sugar, pellets and starch, clumping and clinging occurs, resulting in the clogging of the storage hopper. Uneven dispersion then takes place. Christy’s patented cohesive material dispenser overcomes this problem, allowing the user to precisely, automatically control the thickness of such coatings as:
flour sugar

operationA unique system of rotating agitator bars, sloping outside hopper walls and an agitating brush prevents materials from clumping and clinging to the sides of the feed hopper. This also prevents the forming of a hollowed tunnel around the dispensing shaft and brush.

controlsThe dispensing shaft and the brush are independent of each other and can be operated at infinitely variable RPMs, periods of rotation and in different directions. Coating thickness is also controlled by regulating the pressure (gap) of the dispensing shaft from the rotary brush, by the period of rotation (RPMs) and by the type of brush used.

The relative position of the brush to the dispensing shaft is easily adjusted without special tools, while the brush itself can be removed easily for replacement or cleaning. The motor and controls are entirely enclosed to prevent excess dispensing material from reaching working components.

adjustsRotary brush replacement is simple, as brushes can be removed or changed without special tools. Merely by moving the motor 45º to the side and removing two thumb screws, the brush can be slid out the end of its mounting.

hopperHoppers are available in a range of sizes and capacities and can be customized to fit special applications. Consult with a Christy Machine representative for optimum hopper specifications for your application.

shaft2The dispenser can be mounted above a conveyor belt (either on feet or on upper rails), and thus is readily accessible for adjustment, cleaning and necessary maintenance. The standard unit measures nine inches deep by 15 inches high from the end view. Machine lengths range from six inches to over 48 inches, and two or more machines can be staggered to span a larger active area, if necessary. Special sizes are available on request.

Several types of interchangeable dispensing shafts are available.
Brush Replacement
Mounting Options