Ingredient Dispensing Systems
Since 1953
  • Deposit within a pan/peel, in rows, across the belt
    or spot deposits
  • Easy and fast pattern changes with deposit density controls
  • Agitation hoppers in custom and standard sizes
  • Affordable, quality stainless steel wash down construction
  • Interchangeable components for ingredient
    and size changes
  • Dedicated flour and com meal dusting systems
  • Mounts to existing conveyors or Christy conveyor
  • C-Stand mounts on casters
saltmaterial drymaterial

Moist Materials

Recipro-Grater® Dispensing Machine
Automatically provides a continuous, controlled flow of moist materials

free test
Free Testing on proposed coating materials is available from Christy. After we discuss your requirements with you, we ask that you provide a 5 gallon sample for testing. Christy Machine has solved many dispensing problems– likely we can solve yours too.       

  • moist appsCustomized sizes: lengths and heights
  • Every application geared for
    consistent results
  • Infinite speed controls for a
    range of deposits
  • Selection of mountings to fit your operation
  • Integral safety guards prevent
    machine usage upon removal
  • USDA-listed hoppers meet food processing standards
  • Changeable dispensing grids for different materials are quickly removable for cleaning
  • Totally-enclosed 1/2 hp. motors with washdown capability are standard (stainless steel also available)
  • DC or AC drive
  • Automatic start/stop controls
  • Controls can be on-machine or remote;
    digital readouts available
  • Types of motors available include explosion proof;
    AC, DC or pneumatic
  • Conveyor/ depositor systems
  • Fill systems, and recovery systems for recycling
  • Internal agitation
  • Product sensors
  • Speed indicators
  • Special controls: electromechanical, optical,
    counting, time delay, explosion-proof
  • Dispensing pattern controls
  • Custom hoppers, including insulation,
    water jackets, hinged lids
Have a dispensing problem? Call us. We can solve it.

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