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samples Developing Christy Dispensing Machine Solutions –

Whether having problems dispensing sprinkles on a cookie, moist crumbs on a pie, cheese on your pizza, spreading plastic pellets, or dry-free-flowing powders on extruded rod, tubing or wire at the die, Christy more than likely has the dispensing solution.

First we discuss your dispensing problem.
A Christy dispensing expert will discuss your dispensing problems. Including the material to be dispensed, product to be applied to, along with working environment and operation’s equipment.

. . . . .
1. Assurance of an actual dispensing run.
Once we analyze your dispensing problem, we will request a 5 gallon sample of your problem material to be dispensed. We will do a test run with that material to determine the most suitable machine configuration.

2. Computerized design.
Using Christy CAD capabilities, engineering will design a custom solution to meet your dispensing needs. The final design will combine the perfect combination of Christy components to assure smooth operation, and production results required.
  3. High-quality construction.
All Christy Machines are built of stainless steel for clean, long-lasting operation. Everyone at Christy has the same mission – build the highest quality dispensing machines that deliver unmatched performance.

  4. Turnkey capabilities.
Mounting options, in-feed/out-feed conveyor/depositor systems, fill/recovery systems, special motors and controls, etc. all can be applied in package form to fulfill processing specifications. Interchangeable dispensing shafts are available for each machine.

5. Final installation and testing.
If required, a Christy dispensing personnel can participate in the final installation of your custom system and test-run phases of specialized dispensing systems.

Have a dispensing problem? Call us. We can solve it.

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