Ingredient Dispensing Systems
Since 1953

Custom Machines, Systems and Projects.

Christy Machine & Conveyor is a full custom fabrication shop specializing in food grade applications. Christy employees take "Hand-Made" to the next level. Every Christy creation is hand crafted by skilled individuals dedicated to upholding the highest standards of our trade.

When you buy Christy, you get the unmatched quality of a personal touch. We love engineering out of the box solutions for unique problems with custom designed and fabricated equipment and systems. We have tackled one-off projects spanning a wide range of applications.

The following is just a small sampling of our one-off projects with a few now becoming standard equipment offerings by Christy Machine & Conveyor.
  • Industrial freezer flooring
  • Cart and drum lift & dump systems
  • Ingredient crumblers
  • Dough/Bread scoring and cutting systems
  • Professional kitchen work stations
  • Performance conveyor systems
  • Pop Corn Tumblers

We consider every Special Project request on a case by case basis to determine if we are the right fit for the customer. We will work with you to help design and produce the perfect solution to your particular need. Contact us to see what we can do for you!
Not available off the shelf? We custom design and fabricate solutions.
Pop corn tumblers Pop Corn Tumblers
Custom Dispenser 1Custom Dispenser
Drum Lift Dump Drum Lift Dump
Custom Dispenser 2Custom Dispenser
Custom Dispenser 3Custom Dispenser
Panning System Panning System
Dough Troughs Dough Troughs
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